About Me

Hey, I’m Andrea.
I love sunshine, wildflowers, hammocks, books and lemon popsicles.

In 2010, my hot boyfriend and I bought a house on a whim.
It was a super rundown dump, in a wicked neighbourhood, on a huge lot with plenty of trees.

Long story short; we torn it down, built a new one with our own two hands, and thebarefootnest was born.
9 years, 1 marriage, and 2 kids later, we’re still chasing a simple, intentional, adventurous life.

And, of course, for me, #livingmybestlife (or whatever the kids these days say), is essentially travelling.
Like, as often as we can swing it.
(When I’m not building and creating the best figurative and literal home I can for my family, of course).

I want my life to continue to be about new experiences and seeing the world, and exploring and adventuring.
And I selfishly, really want to have my kids and my hot husband alongside me for all of it.
(Unselfishly, I’m the biggest believer that the best gift I can give my kids is to see and experience the big, wide, world and all it’s cultures, geography, religions, foods, animals, people…)

Sooooo, we’re making it happen:
Simple, adventurous, fulfilling world travel.

With our kids.
On a middle class budget.
(I know, good luck to us).

And a healthy amount of camping and exploring Canada from coast to coast thrown in when we can swing it.

Anyway…if you can’t find us, we’ll be here.

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