Why Greece is an Awesome Travel Destination for Kids

So, I think that almost every destination is awesome for kids.
Experience IS the best education.
And if you do it right, they they’ll love it…almost anywhere.

But, here is why Greece specifically, is great for travel with kids:

Accessible History

I want our travel to be a little relevant to our kids.
And for them to have some context.
Not just a series of airports, and beaches, and monuments.

It was really easy to get our kids into Ancient Greece and Greek Mythology. Gods and Goddesses, Medusa and Hercules, the Olympics…

We started with bedtime stories, board games/card games, and once Halloween came around, they were begging us to dress up like characters from Greek myths (no kidding).

Once they were into it, we slyly added a few facts about ‘cradle of western civilization’, ‘birthplace of democracy’ etc.
Hopefully they’ll remember some of that.

My kids hated our day on the Acropolis.
But at least they knew what it was.

Parthenon, Athens, Greece
In their defence, it WAS really hot up here, and there was not much to do except look.

Less Culture Shock

Things in Greece are not THAT different from home (we’re from Canada).

I mean, it’s not home.
The language is different, and the culture IS different, but not so much that is won’t be recognizable to your kids.

Beds are beds.
Toilets are western.
Meals are eaten in the same way.
They have ice cream.
English is generally spoken and understood.

This really helps if your kids are new to travel.
Greece would be a wicked first international destination with kids because of this.

That being said, there is enough ‘new’ culture and experiences to do all the things that travel is the best at (perspective, growth, challenge, fun).

Wild cats taking in the view of the sea, Santorini, Greece
Wild cats EVERYWHERE. Much to my dismay, my kids love em’!

Greek Food for Kids

First of all.
Greek food…yum.
Super fresh, simple, delicious and again, recognizable.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, grilled meat, simple seasonings, and of course, Greek Yogurt and Loukoumades (essentially doughnuts, traditionally drizzled with honey and cinnamon).

You can get pizza, hamburgers, crepes etc. if you spend minimal time looking.

Oh, and french fries and gelato…everywhere.

Blue breakfast plate with evidence of eaten breakfast
Typical breakfast for us in Greece. Eggs and toast with honey. Lots of honey.


This depends a little when you choose to go, but spring was awesome.

Not too hot, not too crowded, the water temperature was better than tolerable to swim in.
Things were green, wildflowers were out.
I’m a little biased because I always think Spring is the best time to visit almost anywhere but it was really good in Greece.

Summer in Greece is hot, hot, hot.
Winter is cooler than you’d expect (especially the water).
But you can have a good time anytime it fits your plan.

Boy playing in sand on beach
No shortage of these days in Greece

Things to Do

I mean, this is always going to be subjective.
Greece doesn’t really have a lot of theme parks or other man-made things with tons of stimulation.
But, that’s kind of why it’s awesome.

You can get away from all that and there are still enough fun things to do.

There is lots of accessible nature to enjoy (parks, walks, hikes, sailing…).
Beaches galore and corresponding water sports.
Outdoor cinema.
Ice cream everywhere.
Lots of time for kids to spend with their parents.
And just the right amount of ‘new’ experiences as to not get overwhelmed.

Kids viewing Tortoise

It’s Safe

So not the most exciting or sexiest of reasons, but Greece is safe.
We didn’t one time feel like our person was unsafe, even in the underground metro stations in Athens.

I’m sure there is pickpockets in the busy places in peak tourist time, and I would take normal, common sense precautions about going to secluded areas late at night, but nothing to really worry about.

Except losing your kids.
Make sure to always keep a good eye on them, and talk about what to do if they do become lost.
You know, common sense.

View of Naxos, Greece, at night
Naxos at night.

Have you been to Greece with kids?
Did you think it was a great destination for them?

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